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Thursday, September 25, 2003

I am also curious about... 

Why they ask you not to put HTML in the description part of the weblog?

Sunday, September 21, 2003

work on link bar 


currently at 412 characters, cap is 500

Maybe I could just drop this down the left sidebar instead of across like a regular wiki?

Link Bar 

The blogger statement for the description of the individual weblog page asks you to NOT use html, I wonder why? can this be changed?

also- they cap it at 500 characters, so I need to develople the link bar to that size, following post will attempt that.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Need to have: 

I need for it to have a prefrence feature that would link my posts to my WikiWeblog MarkDilley

The idea 

is to put a quick description of self organizing on the web by using simple free technologies to communicate with each other.

Put it on the side bar (to the left) of this wikiweblog page.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

curious to know. . .  

How easy is it to have a private weblog, like for my brothers and I



Rss Feed 



I can't get directly to one of the weblogs below

shared comments. . . will the other stuff work? 

TheyCallUsTroubleMakers and WhenWeFightForOurRights are sharing the same comments, interesting. I wonder what it is going to do when I change one weblog, will the other one change?


With the RSS feed and easy publishing, this turns any meme into a RidiculouslyEasyGroupForming

Catalog them when they are created? but how? 


and we need to figure out how to designate the different types of links

1- interwiki simple, it already is YpsilantiEyeball:MarkDilley to show an external link in wiki.

2 - in weblogs all we do is smash the words togeather

3 - we [bracket] external links that are hard to fit into the first pattern.

4 - else?

This is interesting, to me at least! :-) 

I kinda stumbled on this idea just now, seems to fit with the whole brainstorming session happening now.

ChileSeptember11 is a way to create a wikipage from a weblog, but in the wiki i did that kind of linking and smashed a WikiWord together and the link sent me to Google:ChileSeptember11 and it also provided a link to create a WikiWebpage for ChileSeptember11


It is the beautiful combination of easy to publish software. The newbie needn't worry about how it works, just that it works :-)